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Meet Dr. Adalie Schmidt



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About Me

I am a recent transplant to Hawaii, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. After visiting my sister here, I fell in love with the island and the people.  I attended Iowa State University, where I played collegiate women’s soccer and earned my bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science. While there I focused on the needs of others, volunteering in many areas such as helping special needs children, community action groups, as well as food and nutritional programs to help better the community. Taking this love of others forward I then moved my studies to North Dakota State University, this time not as a player, but as the Director of Operations of the Women’s soccer team, while pursuing my Master of Science in Nutrition, Health and Exercise Science. There in North Dakota, I focused on taking my baseline love of health and others and intercoupled the ability to learn how to coach and manage others’ needs by volunteering in the AmeriCorps Program. Throughout these educational studies, I have been able to witness first-hand how chiropractic has helped improve the athlete’s ability to recover from injury. After leaving NDSU I was wanting to get into a warmer climate because I just can’t stand the snow!

I moved to Dallas, Texas where I enrolled in Parker University of Chiropractic. My time at Parker University has allowed me to hone in and focus on my love of taking care of others, while partnering my love of soccer, kids, and family into the foundation of a great career in Chiropractic. Along with working on the spine I became extremely interested in extremity adjustments. Being in collegiate athletics I witnessed numerous extremity injuries and realized this was an area that we were not treating as chiropractors. While in chiropractic school, I trained directly under my mentor, Dr Mark Charrette, the world renowned author, speaker, and teacher of extremity adjusting.  Dr Charrette has taught thousands of seminars in 30 countries, and I was honored to become his assistant and receive countless hours of instruction from him.  He did rotations as chiropractor for the Olympic team, worked with many professional sports teams, and runs a practice of his own.  One particular story that really highlights the miracle of chiropractic care, was while I was working alongside him, we had a patient who drove two hours to see us due to knee pain that had been troublesome for three months. The patient walked in with a cane, scared to put pressure on his knee, and after one knee adjustment he was able to walk out of the clinic without any support.  I am so excited to restore hope in people who feel like there is just nothing more they can do.

In my personal life, I love family, my dog, working out, and trying new restaurants. I look forward to getting to know everyone in Hawaii, learning the best places to surf, grab a burger, ride a bike, where to get those needed groceries, and enjoy this next chapter of my life. 

I look forward to sharing my training and experiences with all my patients to promote a better life for them and their loved ones in the activities they choose.