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Meet Dr. Gary Helmstetler 



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About Me

I have been practicing chiropractic for 23 years and am a native of New Mexico. When someone asks me what I love most about being a chiropractor, simply put...applying the science and art of chiropractic directly improves people's lives and there is nothing more rewarding than to help others! I attended New Mexico State University and earned 2 Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Chemistry and one in Human Anatomy and Physiology. During my college years, I was active in performing and coaching gymnastics and acrobatics.  After college, I worked as a chemist at White Sands test facility for NASA and Lockheed Aerospace. My time at NASA was very rewarding in many ways.  Our team was responsible for analyzing the safety of all items being utilized by the space station, space shuttle, and nuclear submarines for air toxicity aimed to prevent the astronauts from unsafe chemical exposure.  Scientific work was very interesting, but it was missing something I was wanting- direct contact and interaction with people. 

It wasn’t until a major accident that I discovered the healing power of chiropractic. The neck injury I sustained from landing on my neck and head from a poorly executed giant swing on the high bar landed me in the hospital. . .  and then physical therapy. Months transpired and I did not improve.  I actually thought I was going to have to drop out of college. All daily activities were brutally painful and in desperation I went to a chiropractor. Six treatments later I was back in the gym; chiropractic literally gave me my life back!  I discovered my purpose and eventually attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. Upon graduation I joined a medical practice at RHD Hospital and served as the director of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for 14 years. Clinically, I was exposed to complex cases that far exceeded normal chiropractic training.  It was difficult to convince them to let me on board as a chiropractor in a hospital setting, but I was eager to take my skill set into an arena that would make an impact. This was an incredible experience that made me into the clinician that I am today. My primary focus is in re-establishing normal neuro-muscular function utilizing a wide range of traditional chiropractic techniques.

I am an avid wind surfer, which was not an easy task living in New Mexico! Windsurfing is more than an action sport to me- it is a spiritual experience of connecting with mother nature and my inner self, which I consider a harmony. My love for the sport has led me to travel to many windsurfing destinations, but Hawaii has something that has drawn me back over and over. The inner beauty of the people and mentality of Hawaii is like no other. My soul resonates to its rhythm.

I had planned on moving to Hawaii a decade ago, but life sometimes calls us to duty.  My father’s dementia had reached a point where he needed my help, so I stayed in New Mexico to care for my father.  This is a decision that I will never regret.  He is finally in a care home where he is well taken care of, and after such a long time I can pursue my dream to live Aloha in Hawaii.  I look forward to this journey and I can’t wait to take care of the people of the island!