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Meet Dr. Peter J. Polski



Available in HAWAII KAI

TUE: 8-12, 2-6
FRI: 8-12, 2-6

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About Me

Dr. Peter J. Polski is thrilled to join the team at Island Family Chiropractic. He is a 2009 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota and after ten years of practice in his native Minnesota, the time was right to not only explore a new opportunity- but to finally live his dream and walk the talk. One simply CANNOT- NOT live their dream. Pick the dream, do the work, and the universe provides.

“I always knew I wanted to take CARE of people.” Being a self-described right brainer, Dr. Polski ditched his childhood hopes of studying the cosmos and leaned-in hard on his gut instinct: study the sciences to learn the body and care for people- that mantra was the driving force in his undergraduate education. Enter chiropractic after one life-changing car accident which crushed two vertebrae in his neck. Karma is a funny thing. Who would ever imagine that a terrifying neck injury might profoundly improve someone’s life?!

Highly regarded by patients and colleagues for his innovative and stylized approach to chiropractic care, Dr Polski brings a passion for wellness and a zest for life that’s nothing short of contagious. With advanced trainings in yoga therapy and therapeutic rehabilitation, Dr. Polski is a well-rounded asset to the people he’s so blessed to serve. He enjoys working on a whole-human scale with emphasis on balance in all facets of the human condition. From headaches to neuropathy; plantar fasciitis to jaw pain, Dr. Polski listens, advises, and makes your health his priority.

When he’s not seeing patients or teaching hot yoga, you can find him elbows-deep in his botany addiction, enjoying the outdoors, practicing his linguistic chops/wanderlust or seeking the perfect dancefloor vibe. All are welcome in Dr. Pete’s practice. He’d love to help you however he can, and strives to leave the world better than he found it.