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Meet Dr. Richard Levine



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About Me

Dr. Richard Levine is a Wellness Advisor and a Hawaii-licensed and National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic.  

A 1991 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic-West in San Jose, California, Richard Levine has been involved with chiropractic (as a patient, a student and a doctor) for over 40 years.

He started out as a patient in 1976:

"When I was 19 I became very ill. I already had allergies, high blood pressure and headaches. All of which I was led to believe were normal. I took medications as prescribed by my family doctor and they masked or controlled those symptoms as they were supposed to (but not one of them restored my health). But when the constant fatigue, burning muscle, and joint pain, inflammation and stiffness started, I knew I needed serious help. After months of being poked, prodded and tested by one specialist after another, and after being given countless prescriptions without any benefit (but many side-effects), I turned to chiropractic.

Over time and with commitment to the recommended care plan, consistent chiropractic care, along with a proper diet and sensible exercise, I regained my health. All natural, hands-on chiropractic care helped my body unleash the innate healing ability that is within each one of us. Health, after all, does not come from a bottle of pills. It comes from within. To this day I get checked and adjusted on a regular basis. You should too! Spinal health maintenance should be preventive based care for everyone, no different than dental care, eye care and a good exercise program for cardio-vascular fitness and weight control".

Dr. Levine  strives to eat organic whenever possible: making it a point to avoid manufactured consumable products marketed as food. He exercises on a regular basis with resistance training and 45 to 60 minute walks. You might even catch him snorkeling down at Ko Olina. 

In addition to seeing patients whose main concern is wellness and prevention, Dr. Levine also welcomes those with acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems and headaches which could be caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, chronic poor posture, weekend warrior mishaps or from years of simple neglect.

"I see people of all ages and from all walks of life. Executives, construction workers, software writers, athletes, dancers and homemakers. Everyone is welcome."

Dr. Levine wrote, produced and hosted "The Dr. Rich Levine Show" which aired on Seattle's Positive Choice Talk Radio 1150AM KKNW in 2006 and he continues to write. He has four published 5-star reviewed action adventure novels available in paperback and in kindle format through Amazon.