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Meet Dr. Sara Pohjola


Sarabeth Pohjola

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About Me

Growing up, I suffered from severe asthma. As you can imagine, this made running and playing in my home state of northeastern Minnesota rather challenging. Nonetheless, I was determined to not let my asthma stand in the way of my love for swimming. Despite the breathing challenges that accompanied this endeavor, I worked hard and became an accomplished, competitive swimmer until I suffered a devastating shoulder injury. 

After two years of physical therapy, massage and many, many, sports medicine appointments, I was forced to accept that my competitive swimming career was over. A couple years later, I developed a relentless dry cough that no asthma inhaler could seem to help. Running out of answers, a chiropractor asked my dad if I would be willing to come in for an examination of my spine. I reluctantly agreed because I thought how silly it was; I had a cough and he was going to look at my spine!

He showed me the x-ray of my spine and it was not straight!    I was shocked as my doctor explained that, because of my spine tilt, my ribs could not properly move when I breathed, which only exacerbated my cough. And that shoulder injury? It was likely caused by the mal-alignment of my spine as well. It was all related! 

After that examination, my whole family started chiropractic care together.  I completed six months of chiropractic treatment.  After four months  I no longer needed to use my inhaler or take my allergy medication. I was running, swimming and living as though I had never had asthma or a shoulder injury. 

 Chiropractic truly changed my life. I will never forget when my dad said, “Sara, you should do this!”; that was the moment my pursuit of the chiropractic profession began. 

I enrolled at Parker University in Dallas, Texas and graduated in 2016. Since then, I moved to Hawaii and have been practicing here on Oahu for 4 years. 

My greatest reward in practice has been postnatal care and women’s health.   Helping a new mother’s body adapt through the changes and challenges of being pregnant, giving birth and, finally, carrying a baby in her arms is a huge honor that I will never take for granted.  

My biggest inspiration is called “The Big Idea,” by BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic.  “The Big Idea” has set the vision and mission for why I practice.  The general premise is: What would happen to our city if I could play a part in helping every mother, wife, and young person that is experiencing pain? If I could help 20 women in the same neighborhood become completely pain free, how would that improve the quality of life of that woman, her family or her neighborhood? What would OUR city look like if every woman raising a family could do so without pain? 

I firmly believe that improving the quality of life of one person, improves the quality of life of everyone in that person’s circle. That kind of ripple effect is far-reaching. That kind of ripple effect creates endless potential and possibility.