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Massage Therapy

Rie's massage is a separate and distinct business
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Aloha and Welcome!

From Yokohama, Japan, my journey to Hawaii has been unique and exciting.  It’s hard to imagine where life will take us when we are young!  The best part of the path is continuous learning and education in all aspects of life.  I am hoping to do what I love to do, for as long as I can. This is what gives me joy and smiles!

Since I was 3 years old, sports have been the foundation of my life.  Softball, track, swimming, and basketball dominated my activities for intermediate and high school; during college came tennis.  However, injuries have always followed me.  I was a head junior tennis professional at Ihilani Resort from 2002-2010.  The program I developed for local juniors was doing great and many return hotel guests were requesting my lessons.  But one day, my elbow gave up from overwork and I was at the point where I couldn’t pick up a piece of paper.  I was introduced to a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. J, who was also a certified Active Release Technique (ART) provider.  Long story short, my elbow recovered in 3 months time and continues to do great.  Although some treatments were intense, the results were outstanding.

This injury gave me an opportunity to learn more about my body; not just the physical part, but the mental part too.  When Dr J asked me to work at his clinic, I accepted his offer.  I learned more about human anatomy than what I knew from my personal training career, and experienced hands on muscle work/therapy under his supervision.  Many of his patients liked my muscle work and later I was told I had natural healing hands and energy, which I was reluctant to believe at first.  I am skeptical of things I cannot see!  However, I have realized there is such a powerful thing called “Energy.”  Fascinated, I decided to go back to school to study massage and pursue my new career.  I became a certified ART provider and licensed massage therapist in 2014.

My background is in Education.  I graduated from Yokohama National University in Japan in the Physical Education field.  I came to Hawaii for grad school at University of Hawaii Manoa, and graduated from the Department of Kinesiology in 2002.  During this time, my focus was still in getting people involved in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.  I believe I am an educator in nature, and I love supporting people by all means necessary to help them reach their goals and/or guiding them into a better situation than their current one.

Healing hands and my physical education background will contribute to supporting and reviving YOUR quality of life.  I love connecting with people and working as a team to re-educate muscles.  I hope to help to rebuild the bridge in YOUR life toward my mantra: “Life with more smiles, feeling awesome and moving great!”  I hope you will join me on my mission.

I recovered from severe elbow injury in 2007 with A.R.T. treatment.   My training can support people who want to retrieve their quality of life!  If you just want to be pain free, get your range of motion back, recover from injury-  My therapy is all individualized for your goals and needs utilizing all techniques I have.  You are welcome to come in for 15, 30, 60, or 90+ minute sessions.  Active Release Technique is a great catalyst to your chiropractic adjustment, and helps your body heal faster.  I work with Island Family Chiropractic to see you before or after your adjustment.  Please make your appointment directly with me at 808-397-3366.