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In our office, you will always be treated like an individual. We know that your body has specific needs, and no two bodies are alike. Therefore we do not practice a “cookie cutter approach,” which has become so commonplace in the chiropractic profession. After taking the time to listen to your healthcare concerns, the doctor will begin by asking questions to find out more about your health history, and how your current problem might relate to instances in your past that you might not even remember! She will then give you an overview of spinal anatomy, and educate you on how your spinal structure and posture affects your overall health and wellbeing. A chiropractic examination will be performed in which posture, range of motion, and bony misalignment is assessed. Orthopedic and neurological exams may also be performed if necessary.

It may also be necessary to take x-ray films before the adjustment. Need for radiographic films will be determined by the doctor after your examination. If no x-rays are required, the doctor will proceed with the chiropractic adjustment.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

There are over 200 techniques in the chiropractic profession, and your experience in this office may or may not be anything like what you experienced the last time you visited a chiropractor. The techniques utilized in this office include: Diversified, Pierce Stillwagon, Thompson Drop, Activator, Bio Geometric Integration, Certified in Active Release Technique, and Webster’s Technique for pregnant women. As Dr. Cassy proceeds through the adjustment, she is constantly checking for ease in the system. We all carry stress patterns on our physical being; our doctors aims to release the stress and tension in your system through a combination of bony movement or muscle release. You may find that our doctors will cover an area more than once. This is because as she works on one area, it can change the tension or stress patterns in another area of the body. She will diligently work through your system, applying forces, gentle contacts, or stretches until your body has reached its maximal level of ease for that visit.

It may take multiple visits for you to reach your healthcare goals. Most people will come in for a second visit 2-4 days after their first adjustment to reassess progress. On this visit, our doctors will give you a “Report of Findings” so that you can understand your level of spinal health. She will then make a recommendation of chiropractic care based on examination results and YOUR report of how your body has responded to care.