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“Dr. Cassie was amazing! Big thanks for getting me aligned. ” 
Mateo Ramirez

“”Dr. Cassandra Peterson was good about listening and empathizing. She is an interesting person, and she took ample time to evaluate before making adjustments. I’m glad this offer became available so I had the opportunity to seek her help.”
Katherine Nelson

“Loved it! Told a bunch of my friends and family already. :)”
Rose Marie Delos Santos

“Dr. Cassy is wonderful. She is nice, patient, and very descriptive of what’s going on and explained clearly as well. I already purchased another 3pack deal from her. :)”

“Luv it.”
Becky Mitchell

“Worthwhile! :) Thanks Dr. Cassie, looking forward to my next appointment!”
Rumi Hospodar

“This was my first visit and after I left, I noticed it made a big diffrence. My neck and shoulder pain was reduced. That night as I was watching the television I forgot about the pain that I usually have. I can’t wait till my next session. A big thumbs up!”
Karyln Miyashiro

“Cassandra was very friendly and professional. I had never been to a chiropractor before and she explained everything that she was doing and the reasoning behind it.”
Adam Rose

“SUPER THUMBS UP!!! She is SO awesome. So laid back and I just felt so comfortable with her even though this was my first time ever going to a chiropractor (I’m 30). After the appointment, I felt much lighter and my neck felt longer. I really want to tell everyone about her.”
Jacqueline Kikuchi

“Dr. Peterson explains the procedures very well and she makes you feel comfortable. My mother is already feeling better after a 30 minute session :) I’ve booked an appointment myself!”
Michelle M.

She is Great’

February 24, 2014 Tweet

She is a super nice and professional Chiropractor. I dont leave feedback often but she was awesome and I look forward to seeing her again.
January 20, 2014  Tweet

My husband feels amazing after going. We will definitely be going back.
January 06, 2014  Tweet

Very professional and a excellent doctor. Very nice and easy to work with.
January 03, 2014  Tweet

Excellent service. Very personal and definitely cares about you, the patient. Highly recommend!
December 21, 2013  Tweet

Dr. Peterson was so personable. She explained everything thoroughly, in laymans term. Definitely will be back again to see Dr. Peterson!
December 21, 2013 Tweet

Amazing experience! I’m a client for life!
December 21, 2013 Tweet

Very personable and thorough
December 13, 2013 Tweet

A great experience. Definitely plan on going back.
December 11, 2013 Tweet

Dr Peterson is very pleasant. She explains things well.
December 05, 2013  Tweet

Dr Cassie was amazing! Great bedside manner and listened to my needs! Go see her!
November 13, 2013 Tweet

Dr. Cassie is wonderful! Kind, thorough, & knowledgeable. Looking forward to our next session.
November 09, 2013 Tweet

Dr Cassy is great. I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors and she is definitely worth checking out. Very thorough, easy to understand, and takes the time to listen to your specific needs.
November 06, 2013  Tweet

“This is the review I wrote on Yelp: Cassie is SO awesome!!! After my first visit today I want to recommend EVERY one I know to her! This is my first time going to a chiropractor (I’m 30). I had experienced minor back pain as long as I can remember. If I lie down on hard surfaces, my back aches to the point I need to roll over to get up. I decided after going to Seattle this past summer that I needed to see a chiropractor after I experienced such bad lower back/hip pain that I couldn’t walk. I discovered Cassie over a livingsocial deal. I’m SO happy I found her. When I first walked in, she welcomed me. It was as if I was meeting a friend for the first time. She was dressed casual and was very friendly. After filling out the forms, she took the time to explain about the spine and what chiropractors do. It’s so amazing learning about such an important part of our body! Throughout the process of alignment/massage, she explained everything she was going to do and so there were no surprises. I was completely calm and trusted her throughout everything. She hit every single point and there were so much “cracking” going on. Of course, it didn’t hurt…it was amazing!!!! The results are immediate. I already notice a freer range of motion with my head (turning left to right). Driving home I felt like I had along neck and didn’t feel as heavy. The real awesome part came just now while working out. I was so shocked how it affected my exercise routine. I felt like I could do the exercises better because I had NO pain and freer range of motion!! I decided to test it by lying on the hard floor. Usually if I lie down straight, just a couple seconds in, my lower back starts to throb. But as I was lying there and the seconds ticked by, I couldn’t feel pain. I still felt pressure , but no pain. I just laid there for about 7 secs or so b/c I didn’t want to stretch myself too much. I will definitely want to keep going to her regularly to keep aligning my spine. It makes such a HUGE difference…and if this was just the first time, I can’t even imagine what will happen over a longer period of time. She is awesome and you can tell she really CARES about your health and not making a lot of money.
Big thumbs up!”
Jackie K.

“I usually won’t write reviews unless they really deserve them. Dr. Cassy is very knowledgeable. She was very professional and personable. She fixed issues from other parts of my body through my back, which I wouldn’t have thought had any relation. I’m glad I invested in my time and money on it!”
Hugo G.

“I was having a bad day with my neck, shoulder and (as always) my lower back so I was glad that my first appointment fell on the same day. I still have pain but everything is feeling substantially better and I’m looking forward to my next appointment. I understand that after 9 years of damage, I can’t expect 100% relief overnight and the difference is noticeable and appreciated. The Living Social deal was the perfect opportunity and I’m glad I purchased the deal! Dr. Cassie is very personable and easy to feel comfortable with. Thanks!”
Rumi H

“I used Living Social coupon because my original chiropractor was farther in distance. Dr. Cassy’s first appointment helped my pain immediately. I am looking forward to going back for more!”
Marilyn R. 

“Living social deals allow me to try new alternative health practitioners who may be able to help me live a more productive life without the use of pain pills. I discovered Dr. Cassy a chiropractic physician nearer to my home. I liked her personable touch – she explained what she was doing and answered my questions as she was doing the procedures I needed. Her manipulations were gentle, coaxing me to relax and definitely effective. I felt re-aligned and less tight in my shoulder, neck and hip muscles. It was worth the first visit. And the second visit is included. Wow!”
Clarita A.

“In the past, my back ached whenever I stood upright, so I slouched. After Dr Cassy adjusted my spine, my posture has changed. Now, my back aches whenever I slouch, so I stand upright. Thank you, Dr Cassy!”

Daniel Tay, Singapore

“Hey Doc . . . my neck feels better . . . and the tingling in my right hand that I sometimes feel from an old shoulder injury is gone again! You da best!”
Alfredo Garma, Waipahu, HI

“We love going to visit with Dr. Peterson. The Vella chiropractic office is warm and inviting and Dr. Peterson makes you feel very comfortable. She takes the time to explain things and talk about any issues. This is the first chiropractic office I’ve been to, and great as far as I can tell. My husband has been to several and he says that Dr. Peterson is amongst the best he’s seen.”
Melissa Oliver, Wahiawa, HI

“I was having a lot of neck, back, shoulder, and hip pains. My first visit with Dr. Peterson showed me that my structural system was completely distorted. After just a few visits, I noticed that many of my pains were beginning to disappear. I am happy to say I haven’t felt this good in about 30 years.

For anyone who is suffering in their body from one pain or another, I would recommend a visit to see Dr. Peterson. Rather than continuing to take drugs to mask your pain, get adjusted and be amazed how much better you will feel and how much more you can accomplish!”
Ernie Foote, Oak Harbor, WA

“My initial diagnostic visit was on December 21, 2009. I called Dr. Cassy as I wanted to establish a backup chiropractor to see when my chiropractor was unavailable or out of town. I didn’t want to go to a chiropractor that I didn’t feel comfortable with or agree by their technique. I was more than pleased after my first visit with Dr. Cassy. She did a complete evaluation of my body and presented me with a plan for repair and healing!

I have been to chiropractors for most of my adult years. However, I have never had one take the time or interest to show me exactly where my problems were, let alone offer a program for help. I usually went only when I had hurt or pulled something or was in pain. It should have been obvious that I had a chronic problem! Dr. Cassy has been successful in relieving almost all of my lower back issues and I can move and work on my mini farm without pain or the brace I was previously using. She has greatly improved my shoulder and foot pain. I am confident both will be totally functioning in the near future!

Go see Dr. Cassy!!! She has a gift as a chiropractor and she truly cares about people and helping their bodies to heal. It’s easy to take medications, but they only bring surface or temporary relief. If you want to correct the problem and not just the symptom, I recommend a GOOD chiropractor!”
Kay Foote, Oak Harbor, WA

“I started chiropractic care with Dr. Cassy on January 8th, 2010 for really bad back pain. I had pinching in my lower back and burning in my upper right shoulder. Her office was close to my work, and my massage therapist recommended that I try her method out.

Since getting adjusted, I’ve been able to be more active, with no more back pain holding me back from every day life.

Chiropractic works! Make sure you find the right method of care for you, because every chiropractor is different. What works for one may not work for somebody else. I know from experience!
Sydney McMath,
Washington State

“I started care in December of 2009. I knew I had several subluxations, and Cassy advertised at the most reasonable price I’ve ever seen for a complete consultation, write-up, pictures, and program to follow. She even outlined which vertebrae needed adjusted. The most complete consult I’ve ever received in 40+ years of chiropractic.

After getting adjusted by Cassy, I felt an overall sense of well being. My chronic pain lifted. I felt more vitality! With so many nerve endings coming off the spinal cord, I know that when I keep my spine aligned, it can do its God given job!

Be sure your chiropractor is willing to discuss any questions you may have. Chiropractic is not a quick fix, but a lifelong solution! When I get the results I’m working towards, I must do maintenance to keep my beautiful spine at its optimal level.

Cassys dedication and holistic approach to her profession inspires me to keep coming back and do my part. Her staying true to practicing chiropractic as she learned it, lends to my healing and all who see her.

Thank you Cassy, for caring. It’s the greatest gift you can give!”
Robyne Harrington,
Oak Harbor, WA

“I felt like I was living with a fog hanging over my brain. After getting adjusted by Dr. Cassy, I just got this feeling of clarity!”
Fred R.
Kona, HI

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