Dr Pete

Commonly Asked Questions About Chiropractic Care

Answered by Dr. Pete from Island Family Chiropractic

As part of our Instagram Live with Dr Pete Series, Dr. Pete answers some commonly asked questions about chiropractic care.

Below are these questions from this session:

Do adjustments hurt? 

When you are injured, you are typically hurting. Two people have quoted me that adjustments are better than the “S” word. To answer the question, As with anything that is considered medicine, some adjustments can be uncomfortable. 

However,  if you manage the patient's expectations on what to expect, then things usually go well. They might experience some soreness. I like to tell my patients to fear the worst and then they feel awesome the next day.  A regular adjustment for 80% of people feel amazing immediately after and as well as the next day.

Are all adjusted the same? 

No, we have different treatments for each patient. No two people adjust the same and no two people need the same type of adjustments. My Favorite saying is, “If your only tool is a hammer then everything looks like a nail.”  I believe the more tools in your toolbox, the better.

Why do adjustments make popping sounds? 

There is gas and liquid between the joints, and the pressure gets released and makes a sound. It is important to clarify chiropractic adjustments are different from just popping your knuckles.  

The direction, force, and speed actually really matters. The more pops you get, the more you are breaking the guck down to keep things lubricated and moving well.

Can you see a chiropractor if you are pregnant? 

Yes, you can be treated when you are pregnant. 

Adjustments for infants are different than adults. For example, we had an infant that was spitting up every hour and we were able to correct this with adjustments using my thumb. 

The average time of delivery went from 11 hours to 3-4 hours with regular chiropractic adjustments. Once pregnant women are showing, then the adjustments change to standing up or laying on their side.

Can a person who had back surgery see a chiropractor? 

It depends on the back surgery. So, for example, if someone had a fusion, then we wouldn’t adjust the fusion. However, we can adjust above and e. It's important to keep these joints above and below well maintained.

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