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At Island Family Chiropractic, our dedicated and skilled team of chiropractors is the cornerstone of our patient-centered care. Each doctor brings a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and the spirit of 'ohana to create a healing experience tailored just for you.

With years of experience and a genuine commitment to your well-being, our doctors provide the gentle, effective treatments that have made Island Family Chiropractic a trusted name in Honolulu.

Get to know the professionals who make your path to wellness a personalized and comfortable journey. Click on each doctor's profile below to learn more about their qualifications, specialties, and the warmth they bring to our practice.

Dr. Peter Darvas

Owner and Chiropractor

Say Hello to Dr. Pete Darvas!

Born a water baby, I was a nationally ranked swimmer in Canada from the ages of five to twenty-two.  At ten days old my parents put me in the plastic backyard pool and they found that I loved it.  By age four I progressed quickly through lessons.  As a kindergartener, after watching Mark Spitz at the Olympics, my parents put me in a swim team tryout.

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Dr. Amber Bloom


Dr. Amber Bloom was born in Oklahoma. She won the Volleyball National Championship/Junior Olympics her Junior year in high school. She was rewarded a full scholarship at College of Southern Idaho and University of Southern Mississippi where she placed 4th in the Nation. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She noticed how Chiropractic helped her with volleyball so she pursued chiropractic education.

After earning her Doctorate at Texas Chiropractic College in Texas, she worked with various multi-specialty clinics for over 10 years. 

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Dr. Justin Petersen


About Me

Dr. Peterson’s practice is focused around Applied Kinesiology (AK), the use of muscle testing as a diagnostic method. This approach integrates methods from all of the healing arts into a unified whole and allows them to be blended together in a way that best fits individuals needs for care. Dr. Peterson is a certified practitioner of AK with the International College of Applied Kinesiology, and has an extensive knowledge and certification in a wide variety of gentle chiropractic techniques, including activator guns. Gonstead, Thompson, and Diversified.

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